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As this is a flash based speed test, if you are using a very high speed service, such as a Fibre or NBN service, the results of this test may be influenced by the speed of your computer, or flash operating within your computers web browser. For very high speed services, we recommend downloading the speed test files from our Content Delivery ...

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When switching to a new nbn™ powered plan, you want to make sure you choose a retail speed that suits your specific needs. Talk to your phone and internet provider about the speed tiers available in your area. You should also talk to them about the actual speeds you can expect to experience when you switch to an nbn ™ powered plan ...

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The nbn™ network is being rolled out across Australia delivering internet and home phone access using a mix of technologies, this is why your speed will vary based on the nbn™ technology available at your location. When you enter your address, we will tell you the maximum access line speed based on information from nbn™.

Telstra Speed Test Measure your connection speed for your Telstra nbn TM, ADSL, Cable or mobile data service. Telstra speed test is currently experiencing difficulties. Please use in the meantime and ensure you select a Telstra test server location for more accurate results Sep 18, 2019 · Wherever possible, it is always best to perform a speed test via a direct connection to your nbn connection device, also known as a bridge connection. Performing an nbn speed test in this manner provides the most accurate reading of your connection speed and will help diagnose any potential network issues.

NBN Speeds Explained. There are four NBN speed tiers available, with maximum download and upload speeds measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Be aware that some internet providers refer to different speed tiers by different names, with some opting to reflect maximum ‘evening speeds’ in line with new standards recommended by the ACCC.

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